PDPM Academy - Wednesday, March 20 Providence Extended Care Commons Building, 920 Compassion Circle, Anchorage 
Continental breakfast & lunch will be provided.

Enroll in the PDPM Academy to get the knowledge and support you need for successful transition to PDPM.

Who should register:
To be successful with PDPM, Administrators, MDS/billing staff, nurses/DONs, and therapists must be included in the training and education process.

Registration fees:
$350 for the first registration
$500/registrant for 2 people from a facility
$750/registrant for 3 people from a facility
$1000/registrant for 4 people from a facility                                                                                                       
$1250/registrant for 5 people from a facility                                                                                                               
Please contact ASHNHA if you plan to register more than 6 people.
Please contact Connie Beemer or Sara Bloom for more information, or please call the ASHNHA Anchorage office, 907-646-1444
*Once registered, AHCA will provide access to the PDPM Academy. Members will be notified of their individual login and access, using the email provided in the registration list. No refunds will be given if a person cannot attend. The attendee will be given access to the rest of the training and materials included as part of the in-person workshop registration.
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